Whilst the majority of us associate the perfect bathroom with cleanliness and serenity, you don’t have to stick to white or neutral colour schemes in order to achieve this. There’s nothing wrong with a splash of colour to add a touch of drama and character to your dream suite, and this doesn’t necessarily mean redecorating either.

You could spice things up with some bright wallpaper, or simply add a few strategically placed accessories to add some colour. The choice is yours and the options are endless! Here are some of our top tips on adding colour to your bathroom suite.

Bold and dramatic

Who says your bathroom walls need to be neutral? A simple way to give your suite a dramatic face lift is by simply painting one wall in an eye-catching colour, thus making it the focal point of the room. The bathroom illustrated above is transformed from neutral to something more drastic with a simple lick of raspberry paint.

For a bold look, try painting them a deep red colour, or even opting for some dark red wallpaper with black stripes for a dash of Victorian decadence. Throw a gold framed, 19th century mirror and some vintage wall art into the mix and you’re left with a bathroom filled with warmth and personality that will evoke feelings of a bygone era.


So you’ve got a crisp white bathroom and want to liven things up a bit, with minimum fuss and no bright colours; what do you do? With a few tweaks here and there you could opt for black, white and grey monochromatic colours and transform your suite into something that’s both stylish and contemporary.

Achieve this look simply by adding in a sleek, black toilet seat, complete with matching waste bin and toothbrush holder. If you want to take the monochrome bathroom idea a step further, try painting one wall in a light grey colour and throw in some towels which reflect your new colour scheme.

Give the room the personal touch by adding some framed, black and white photos of your friends and family, or favourite style icon.

Mono Tones

Striking contemporary patterns

Give your bathroom a striking appearance with the addition of some contemporary patterns, whether that be tiles or wallpaper; this can really bring an otherwise neutral suite to life. These Bayswater Mosaic Grey Glass tiles featuring monochromatic colours really stand out and are versatile enough to suit a variety of bathrooms design styles.

Who said things have to be boring in black and white? These Hackney Fliss Feature floor tiles are sure to attract attention, making your bathroom floor something of a focal point. The versatile design is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, whilst they can be used to decorate your walls as well as floor.

Alternatively, and if your bathroom has the space to pull it off, some black and white striped palazzo curtains can really bring your suite to life and bang up to date. These can look fantastic in a plain bathroom with black and white accessories, or you can go all out and paint the walls in an eye-catching colour for an ultra-modern feel.

Flowers on the wall

For a dash of elegance in your dream bathroom suite, some flowered wallpaper can really add a touch of class to the room. This look can work with neutral colours in an ornate, Victorian inspired suite, or bolder colours to capture a more contemporary ambience.

Flowers on the wall

Go eclectic

Whilst a mish-mash of different colours and styles can end up looking cluttered and garish, with the right combinations it can be something much more beautiful and unique. A suite with ultra-modern tiles and ceramics can look fantastic with an ornate, old-fashioned cabinet and some vintage style wallpaper.

This is also a look which lends itself well to kitsch ornaments and is perfect for getting across your unique sense of style.


Sparkling and serene

For a truly opulent ambience, complement your bright white suite with sparkling taps and a shimmering faux chandelier. This style can look great when mixing neutral colours with dark furniture, such as brown or black, and neutral accessories.

Another option is to complete the style with a shaggy, oversized bath mat in either jet black or deep red for a bathroom fit for a queen.

Sparkling and serene

Bring the outside in

Get back to nature by giving your bathroom an earthy feel that mimics the great outdoors. Give your walls a splash of olive green paint or tiling, adding in some natural brown furniture and finishing off with some strategically placed plants or cacti.

Tropical plants such as caladium and anthurium tend to be well suited to bathrooms, as they thrive in warm, humid and brightly lit environments. Some fresh orchids can look great placed by your bathroom basin. For minimum fuss, invest in some good quality artificial flowers to brighten up the room.

Into the blue

Whilst blue has always been a popular bathroom colour pallet, it’s back in vogue in a big way this season. Teal blue painted walls look fantastic, especially offset with a dark grey, tiled floor and grey furniture.

If you are thinking of sprucing up the bathroom in your holiday home, you might want to replicate your summer view and opt for a mixture of ocean and sky blue colours. The versatile nature of this particular colour pallet means that it will blend well with numerous other colours, whether dark or light.

Into the Blue

Grout with the old…

Are you up for a drastic change? Retiling your suite can really transform the look and feel of the entire room. Whether you retile the whole floor or opt for a complex mosaic feature to surround your bath, when done right, tiling can become an eye-catching centre piece of any bathroom.

Some silver and bronze mosaic tiles can really give your shower area a shimmering and dramatic finish, whilst you can carry this look around the room with a smattering of the same tiles around the basin.

For a more modern look, some dark grey tiles with a splash of attention grabbing yellow can really add a touch of zest to the room and can be well complemented with some towels and accessories in the same yellow colour.

Grout with the old


Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. For a quick way to give your neutral bathroom a fresh look, simply invest in some choice accessories to breathe life into an otherwise ordinary suite.

A plain, black and white bathroom will suddenly become more striking with the addition of some bright yellow or orange towels with matching toothbrush holder and other accessories. Another option is to choose two colours that complement one another and purchase accessories that reflect your new colour scheme.